Good Luck. Let’s Pray Harder!

Today something happened that i did not expect to happen.

My mom texted me.

Granted she isn’t the best at texting. Yes she can text. The focus isn’t her texting me but what she said to me.

A little background. My parents are immigrants living here for about 25 years now. For the most part they have grown accustom to this culture but are heavily rooted in there European traditions. Of course they are strict at not forgetting their language and have struggled to accept English into their everyday life. For some that is really hard to believe, and yes there are a lot of people living today who don’t speak English at home… that would be my parents. 

When finally my mom got a smart phone, she slowly began to explore the different features…aka texting. 

Which brings me to today. As i sat in a Starbucks catching up on some work after an interview, my phone vibrates. 

Mom: “Jason what nues?” (translation: “how was the interview?”)

Me: “Went well”

Mom: “Start working? When?????” (over excessive on the question marks mother!)

Me: “I don’t know mom… It’s an interview they will call me if i got the job.”

Mom: “Good luck. Let’s pray harder.”

Maybe to some people this might be just a regular response but to me this hit home. Now its not only a congrats but a motivation.

This really hit home. Makes you think.

How we forget that not only should we pray before a big event but also pray after.  How much greater do we show God that we are relying on him to follow through with our daily decision to move mountains in our lives. Whether you are about to take a test and are praying your butt off to get an A to praying after you take it, showing God how much you really want that A. 

We should take it as a lesson, how valuable it is to pray before and after something crucial in our lives.  Not only does it show maturity in our faith but our need for assistance through and through. 

"Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as i have breath!" Psalms 116:2

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