Afraid to Think. (The Problem with Now)

Being successful takes time and effort.

  It isn’t a blatant dogma that people always repeat but the truth. If you want to achieve, you need to take considerable amount of time to think over exactly what you are dealing with and if it is what you want to really do. On the other hand, effort is orchestrating the knowledge you are gaining to benefit your success. Not all things that we learn right away are used but somehow later on in life we seem to realize all things we study become a benefactor in some shape or form. The problem with today’s society is the propaganda of quick gratification, or the copout as I call it. Take for instance math. When some people see “x” they automatically freak out or inversely they question, “why do we need to know this?” and “how is this helping me now? 

But that is our golden problem.

  The now is only subjective to how much we have learned. To change the now we have to rigorously avoid deviating or coping out. As we face a challenge we should struggle, that is how we elude the comfort of just knowing and embrace the many faces of change. As we sit and study the many possibilities of “x” and try every problem to see if it fails, that is when we grow… thus becoming more successful. Those who “copout” are in fact, afraid to think. To be quite frank, many people are like-minded; in that sense, if they don’t need it now they don’t need to put effort into thinking about it. I’m not saying all things are mandatory to study or that the Internet is the best resource of edifice. The moral here is that the hard things in life often times are substituted by the gratification of here and now.

  The mindset, I’d rather think of the many colors I see rather than do calculus, has become somewhat of an obsession in our culture. We are all brainwashed that engineering is “a very hard field” and can be almost unattainable unless you are a genius. That is exactly how the middle class has succumbed to lack of intelligence. This is the real struggle of the school system in which society perplexes the hard things in life to be elite and genius-esque. If only schools taught a class on determination. Maybe even on the history of human independence; the sort regarding humanities courage, success, and dedication, rather than learning its many failures.

  Everyone agrees war is somewhat an unavoidable human failure. I might be preaching positivity but teaching these generations about failure only teaches them exactly that - how to fail. Some can argue reverse psychology although history can prove otherwise. I may come off cynical to the success of humanity. Nevertheless the urge isn’t history and school but more so the ability to work out the tough problems and really not give in to copout. To ultimately be: not afraid to think.

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""As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on thing and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you." - C.S. Lewis"

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