Your Bigger Now (Self-Reflection)

I slow down, let the tide creep over my feet. Some sense of relief. It feels so far that I’ve been lost for many seasons. Yea, i think I’ve done some things right and mostly wrong but after a while you realize that your footsteps are all that follow you. All along you wondered and fought only to find it was yourself you were fighting. The very foundations of your development. Now you’ve found your buttons and decide every time if you should push them or not. Life just all of a sudden becomes real. Death and failure is always creeping up to your doorstep. Your bigger now, you tell yourself. Your only fear is losing ground. Forward and nowhere else. The past doesn’t change but you have totally remodeled. Yea those people can say what they want but your not interested. Your plans don’t include those who whisper fear. Strength grows gently in your soul. Your a bigger man you already know. So you let down your walls and claim your success where defeat laid barren the land of promise.

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