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Two PM. Stumble into the living room holding the blanket, while the jazz quartet on the radio sways your steps. There is no place like the living room couch. Close to the window, enough to let in the faint light from the waning day. There is a subtle sadness, mostly a deep regret. A chorus heard far away in your head. The piano swoons each note tossing you from here to… well wherever your mind wonders off. Such a quaint reality, dowsed in sudden sadness. Although, not so much as despair. A more thoughtful feeling of failure and mishap, all overshadowed by the trumpet blazing; tooting how the world is a fickle thing. Your eyes suddenly roll back and there is sleep to be had. But not just yet. You hold your breathe. The guitar swoops up the scale. Flashing before your eyes is all the insecurities of love. The cherished moments so desired yet so feared. Like all say, love is a mystery and mysteries mostly turned to thrillers - At least we can hope for the good kinds. For now, we peruse the very moments that take up our day and drift us into dreamland, that can take us all away.

Something About the Sun

Something about the sun
When it hits your hands and illuminates the ground
A cleansing force taking away your past and only giving you a glimpse of the future
Where the planets moved when you walked
and your heart loved when you talked
Where every heart was a soul
And every piece was made whole
Even mornings rose in dew
Even evenings faded in the light
Drawn aback we feel the heat
a sting of present succumbs the future
A strike of pain let’s out it’s fury
No we can’t escape our now
But only dream in a hurry

Melts Right to the Handle

Queue the music
Light the candle
Another heartbreak
Melts right to the handle

Parade the front
Show me your mask
Who dealt you right
To this filthy task

Oh yes it was your heart
Queued only to one beat
A beat so light
Barely heard amongst the song
And yet
Barely heard now dead and gone

Truth and relevance
I have been compromised
Named coward for my pestilence
Yes but every reason, this irrelevance
I watched you dance in all your elegance

Oh my heart mistook my thinking
I jumped in like a drunk thats been drinking
For good reasons I was seeking
And these reasons sold me short of breathing

Collapsed my heart it did
For every beat the song played
I stood there gazing shaken at the choice made
Took my retreat into the darkest fade
Took my heart away from her hungry blade

Now queue the music
Light the candle
Another heartbreak
Melts right to the handle

Your Bigger Now (Self-Reflection)

I slow down, let the tide creep over my feet. Some sense of relief. It feels so far that I’ve been lost for many seasons. Yea, i think I’ve done some things right and mostly wrong but after a while you realize that your footsteps are all that follow you. All along you wondered and fought only to find it was yourself you were fighting. The very foundations of your development. Now you’ve found your buttons and decide every time if you should push them or not. Life just all of a sudden becomes real. Death and failure is always creeping up to your doorstep. Your bigger now, you tell yourself. Your only fear is losing ground. Forward and nowhere else. The past doesn’t change but you have totally remodeled. Yea those people can say what they want but your not interested. Your plans don’t include those who whisper fear. Strength grows gently in your soul. Your a bigger man you already know. So you let down your walls and claim your success where defeat laid barren the land of promise.

Path of Light

Only because of your light

im not consumed by darkness

i put myself aside

all my carelessness and pride

every selfish ambition

to be exposed to your light

a fine way to shine and fight

all the malice pain and lust

i threw them away into the dust

deep into the darkest alleys

my walk ends here through this dry valley

now you shine your sturdy beacon

illuminating every path and tree

i can see the hills and mountains

even the tides coming in from the sea

Love That Flutters

breath taking, taking breaths

love is a heart that brings us rest

from grief to peace, to a mind of ease

fill it up, change it clean

ignoring the places it has been

erasing the doubt it holds deep down

appears a smile instead of a frown

restore to it its rightfulness

that it may flutter like a dove

and take away its emptiness

restore to it a heart of love